Is Sleep House The New Screamcore?

Dullsauce Sleeptown frontman Dankman McNutsy. © 2015 Reuters International

The similarities are obvious: strong Albanian influence, absence of melody, and a thunderous subsonic growl that slowly wears down your vertebrae. But is Sleep House really the new Screamcore?

DJ Bottomheavy, one half of the famous Sleep House duo Dead Bed says “absolutely not. These two genres of music, despite their obvious musical similarities, are worlds apart in terms of instrumentation and blood type.”

Others are more skeptical. Gall McGall, famed Screamcore pioneer and Body Dysmortuary frontman, claims that Sleep House is simply Screamcore reimagined using more gamelan and obviously, less badminton.

Our opinion? They both sound an awful lot like early Goatbath. Wherever their origins may lie, one thing’s for certain: if you can tell these two apart, you just might be sober enough to finally drive home. 

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