Single Bass Drum Repeated 700 Times Tops Billboard Charts For 165th Straight Week


The song titled “Kick1.aif” continued its interminable reign over pop stardom this week, with sales still growing and a record 165th consecutive week atop the Billboard Top 100 confirmed.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Grammy-winning music producer Pharrell Williams, whose own portfolio has given him a total of 15 weeks atop pop music’s highest mountain, an impressive total for any individual. But despite its record breaking pace thus far, the unstoppable force of Kick1.aif shows no signs of slowing down.

Ownership disputes abound over the commercial smash. Over 400 DJs have claimed copyright of the composition, and countless lawsuits have been filed alleging royalty debt to the original creator of the song. Lesser known DJs complain of being threatened with lawsuits over playing unlicensed copyrighted material by more mainstream acts, but most refuse to compromise their commitment to giving their listeners what they want, no matter the cost. ♫

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